Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Furnace Creek 508

Yes, its official the window has opened for submitting entry into the "Toughest 48 hour Race" and yes my application has been submitted.

Chris Kostman, often refereed to as the Chief Adventure Officer of the Furnace Creek508, has made sure only a limited number of qualified participants can compete. From February 1 through the 15th you are allowed to submit your applications to this prestigious event. You don't just get a automatic selection. There are not only physical capability requirements but field size limitations as well. As a race director of the Wente Vineyards Classic road and criterium bike races in Livermore, Ca. I know the logistical headaches of running a road race that is only a 16 mile loop can you imagine a 508 mile course?

So wish me luck in getting in this year. In my next post I will unveil my official animal totem that the race uses instead of numbers, so stay tuned...