Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Second Crew Member confirmed

Tim Burgess has graciously accept a crew member position and will be my main support person during the event.
Tim is a Valley Spokesman Racing Team (VSRT) member of mine. Do to a unfortunate car accident he has not been on the bike in over a year healing. However, Tim has been anything but out of the racing scene. Tim is an USA Cycling official now and has been work the Northern California race circuit almost every weekend.
What will Tim be doing you may ask? Well he will be in charge of making sure I eat, sleep, and that my bike is working properly. He will have the tedious task of following me at night. to me that would be very difficult to follow someone for ours in a car in idle. however our planned 1-2am decent off Townie Pass into Furnace Creek will be exciting.

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