Sunday, September 27, 2009

Training: All done!

Training summary for this week included a lot of intensity but lower time on the bike.
  • Monday rest day
  • Tuesday - The first third of my workout was 110% with the A's then a strong Solo Threshold interval of 20min followed by another a few minutes later.
  • Wednesday - Threshold climbing at 219, 233, 275 normalized powers on three climbs felt good. Left out one of the normal climbs I would do on Wednesday.
  • Thursday - Rest Day
  • Friday - Tempo day, I did 2x20 min Tempo runs at 215np and then easy the rest of the ride.
  • Saturday - Tempo climbing day up Mount Diablo. Great powers, felt good. Glad it is taper time.
  • Sunday - Just a easy two hour recovery/endurance ride.

My final fitness numbers are a little lower then I would have liked but I feel good so hopefully with more rest my form will get better quickly. Currently I have a fitness of 85.3, stress of 115 and form of -31.2. By next Friday I would like to see numbers like 80 fitness, 50 stress and +/- 10 on form.

Trying to dial in the numbers. With rest you loss fitness. So that is why you see my current fitness level of 85+ will drop to 80, also to be strong your body needs to have less stress, so stress will go down when you have rest as well. Now form is a number that quantifies the real key point in a race week. Form will go up from -17 to hopefully 0 meaning your taper is right on the money. My prediction is next week I might not be in the best form with only 5 days till I race but we will see...

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