Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Training: First Week of the Last Training Block

  • Monday: Hammered up and over Patterson Pass, working on 4 main climbs using them as intervals and one sprint to round out a great group ride. The purpose of these climbing intervals is to increase my VO2 capacity without going Anaerobic. My anaerobic threshold is 255 watts (w) and up. My intervals where 232w, 241w, 254w, 236w (with a mechanical) and the sprint lead out was @ 223w the climbs where all different and ranged from 6 to 9 minutes the lead out sprint was about 4minutes. As you can see I got right up on the edge of going Anaerobic with a 254w w/ a average heart rate of 165 climbing "Religion" a hill used in the 08 tour of CA.

  • Tuesday: Felt great for how much work I did on Monday. My goal today was to go Anaerobic and race with the A group. I went the farthest this summer with them all the way to what we call the "pimples" two small bumps that usually separate the wheat from the chafe. I a made over with them but could not recover. I then hooked up with a group of 5 rider and we hammered at a steady Tempo pace and they let me go off the front down N Livermore solo. They didn't catch me until the turn to go long or short. I wanted to stay with then so I waited for there decision. We went shot but met up with the A's that went long and I jump both groups and made a run at the sprint line. I started at 900w and hammer for about 30 second at 700 then settled into a 400-500 pace until about 200 meters to go. i was spent by then but the groups did not catch me, I won the sprint. I also set a personal best Normalized 60 minute power for the year. Tomorrow I will do a Climbing Threshold workout, That will be a big test is I can recover and hole the three long limbs at 210-215.

  • Wednesday - Great climbing day. three of the 4 climbs where all yearly best power averages and my compact cranks average an extra 5-8 rpm on all the climbs. All climbs where in my Anaerobic Threshold levels of 217-243 and better then my goals for the day. After three hard days I cannot believe how ell I feel.

  • Thursday is a rest day I ran 2 miles and kayaked about 4. Hope I fell good for the weekend.

  • Friday - Wanted to go out and spin with a few Tempo efforts, it just wasn't there. Mon-Wed took a toll on me. I managed a few short tempo runs but I rally need to just spin so I did.

  • Weekend Plans - Saturday & Sunday will be two long climbing days and it will be a scorcher out there at 100+ both day. That should mimic race day conditions to a tee. I will also take a 4-5 hour rest and go for a recovery ride after each workout as well. again that should mimic some of the conditions I will face. My plan is to ascend Mt Hamilton Saturday and Mt Diablo Sunday.

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