Friday, October 9, 2009

Blustery Winds snap my dream...

Not much to say after three great stages. Stage four from Furnace Creek down to Shoshone was something fierce. The winds which where reported to be out of the south at 30-35 and gust up to 60mph which created a brutal head wind that quickly had my partner in misery. It is one thing to go great for 60 miles and then finish the last 15 miles in these conditions. You are not going to quit with so little distance to go. However, it is another story all together to start out in a 30+ headwind and know you have 60+ miles to go and your averaging 4-6mph. If he was a young rookie, I would tell him he didn't know any better and get out there and suffer. But Robert has many ultra distance events in his legs and didn't need to suffer though this one, and I supported his decision. If I had any sense (not that I have any anyway) after two ruff stages I would have went back an done stage 4, but I was so beat that the thought hadn't really cross my mind until the next day so I guess chalk one up to another great woulda, coulda, shouldas.

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