Friday, September 11, 2009

Training: Ahhhh, a recovery week

This week is about rest and recovery. It is actually a short week, Sun-Friday, but easy none the less. I still did and intensity ride Thursday so I will not lose and fitness. This week I went from a 74 to 71 CLT, a software calculated number for tracking fitness levels while reducing my bodies training stress level from 128 back sown to 84 ATL. And increasing another calculated level called TSB or from level, it should be close to 0 - 10 when the event begins, we will see if I can nail that number. The Form (TBS) went from a low of -59.7 back to a better -17 today. So I look OK for another three week block starting tomorrow.

I know some of you are going what heck is he talking about; CLT (fitness) ATL (stress) TBS (form) but I thought I would add it from now on for those of you who are interested in power meter data and its effects on the body. The software I use to calculate all of my power meter data is call TrainingPeaks WKO+.

During this recovery week I also finalized my bike equipment, a friend let me have his compact crankset which with the help of the great folks at Livermore Cyclery, i managed to swap out and will train on my new compact cranks for about three weeks and through the event. This compact cranks have small front chaingrings and will help me increase my cadence levels during the tough climbs, saving my legs from even more misery then they are already going to receive.

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