Thursday, September 10, 2009

Logistics: Meeting with Crew

Today I meet with Tim Burgess my Crew mate for the event. His job will be to make my ride successful and without Tim, I could never pull this off. This race is a huge logistical nightmare that needs plan, plan, and more plans. Below are some of the key we will be hashing out over the next few weeks.
  1. Nutrition plan, eating and drinking is the #1 key to have energy to move through the whole event. There is pre-stage meals, on the bike meals, post-stage meals. Usually on the bike we will have Clif or Power bars, but occasionally a baked potato, PBJ or Turkey sandwich. Sometimes your body my not take in solid foods once it figures out what your asking it to do so Tim's job will be to make sure something goes in that I can handle. Drinking is even more important, because heat and energy expulsion drains your bodies internal water supply and it is the key to moving and eliminating lactic acid from your system. We have five types of drinks: Plain water, Accellerade, a carb, protein and electrolyte replacement drink, Powerbar Endurance a carb and electrolyte drink, Powerbar Recovery Drink to help replenish calories and electrolytes quickly.
  2. Equipment Plan, making sure the bike is functioning and repairing an breakdowns that occur during the event. I'm sure that by stage 7 I wouldn't even notice that a tire fell off. So Tim's job is to make sure the bike is ready before each stage and that maintenance is done after each stage. Lighting is a key and rule to ride this event. I have a HID lighting system that will last about 4-5 hours then a second battery will need to be swapped out. Also this would include clothing. Tim will make sure I have the right clothing necessary for the weather condition facing us. Remember I am riding trough a desert and it can be extremely hot, extremely cold, or extremely windy.
  3. Stage plan, this would include directions, notes on the road conditions, where the climbs are and where the Stop Signs and road furniture are located (trust me, after hours on a bike being coherent enough to see a stop sign is basically out of the question). Also there are logistical stops that must be made. Including the Transition Areas, Gas, food, water, ice and there nearest medical physically. remember Death valley has basically nothing in the park, one gas station open 8-8 and we plan on rolling into Death Valley around 1am. Hospitals are at least two hours away at any given time.
  4. Mental plan, this is probably the toughest one. Keep me aware of what is going on. Not only around me but making sure my body position on the bike is correct and making sure I stretch before during and after the stages. Giving me those "at-a-boy" "you can do it" "just ten more miles up that hill..."

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