Saturday, September 5, 2009

Training: End of Training Block

This was the last week of my three week block and it was painful.

  • After resting on Monday, Tuesday I work on overloading my body by riding with the A group at our noon ride and doing normal Road Race simulations until I was dropped then held a 30 min. threshold pace. This type of workout we are trying to increase overall conditioning and increasing the ability to perform longer at max. effort. and it builds power.

  • Wednesday was harder yet; with Threshold climbing on 4 climbs ranging from 8-16 minutes and power levels of 200-238. This type of work helps create the ability to push at threshold power levels (Threshold=Max you can do for about an hour). For the 508 this will help me on my longer climbs by having the ability to climb harder and not blow up for the rest of the event

  • Thursday - Off the bike and on the kayak for an endurance paced paddle. This also helps my legs recover from Tue/Wed

  • Friday - Though I went out with the group I let them go and just soloed for to long Sub-threshold sets of 30-40 min.

  • Saturday - a great climb from my house up to the summit of Mt Diablo. Left at 4am and submitted about 7:30. My focus here was trying to stay in Endurance level but Diablo is to step with my current gearing (soon to change) and ended up basically at threshold for the 11 mile climb up North Gate to the summit. (PS it was about 30-35 degrees cooler then last weeks ride)

  • Sunday - my knee hurt today, I think i slept on it funny. I only did a 2hr Endurance ride.

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