Saturday, August 22, 2009

Training: Trip to Summit of Mt.Hamiltion

Training with only 7 weeks to prepare.
For thous of you not interested in the details of cycling and training I will have a summary paragraph to give you the just of it. For you cyclist I will then add the meat a potatoes following the summaries.
SUMMARY: Today I attempted to climb to the summit of Mt. Hamilton and back from my office in Livermore. the round trip was about 90 miles and included just under 7,000 feet of climbing. It was a scorcher in the mid 90's and I didn't bring enough water. Luckily my teammate Carl Butler was with me and summitted and return to give me another bottle before I reached the summit.

My main focus in these long days in the saddle is to work on climbing miles and just seat time while maintaining Endurance power levels (for me that is 120-160 watts). For the day I managed to stay primarily in this zone and averaged 143w for the 7 hours. 70% of my day was in two zones 30% in Active Recovery and 40% in Endurance.
Food and water were way off. I tried to calculate my time and distance to the summit for refueling and failed miserably. After the ride I was sick to my stomach for about 4-5 hours.
But everything felt good the following day.

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