Friday, October 2, 2009

Pre-Race Meeting

The pre-race meeting was very interesting. Simple rules, followed by many questions. Mostly it was about safety and recognition of all the volunteer staff, sponsors, officials, the host hotel and the government agencies that make this event happen. It was great to see John Mareno the creator of this event and the creator of RAAM (Race Across AMerica) as well

Some of you have been tracking my workout numbers may be wondering if I hit my targets. Well I hit 2 out of 3. Fitness goal was 80 and I am at 79. Form should be from -10 to +10 and it is at +1. My stress level is a little high at 68 but it is the lowest it has been in three months so even that is actually good.

I am going to assume most of you do not know this, but the racers do not use racing numbers we are assigned Animal names, that's right, instead of Team 101 we are Team Mahi Mahi. So who cares Don? Well probably no one, but tonight at dinner we had a good omen. I ordered Salmon and rice but they where out of Salmon. So what did they substitute it with, you guest it, Mahi Mahi.

Well it is off to bed and hopefully a good night sleep. I will post again in the morning.

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